What is “Wings For Children”?

Wings for Children is a state-wide child advocacy organization. We monitor state agencies charged withWings For Children: child abuse helping children and we try to bring about changes for the better services to children. We work for children who are abused, abandoned or stolen. We strive to offer them hope that tomorrow will be better.

We were there when the grandmother called to say that her five year old grandson was found hanging naked in a closet, upside down, and too afraid to call out for help. We were there for the child locked in a room with no food or water and was being punished for urinating on the floor while locked in that room. We were there when the child watched as his sister was strangled; and was returned to live in the same house with the perpetrator while criminal trial dates were being postponed. We were there for the fair haired boy that was so beaten that the hospital was convinced he had been run over by a truck; he fought valiantly to live through hours of surgery then sadly gave up on life. He went on to heaven, as he had already lived through hell.

Wings for Children is for the Michaels, the Johns, the Sylvias, the Genes and others who are known only for their little unmarked graves.

We are there to receive the numerous calls for help from friends, family, schools and others when they believe “something is wrong” and nobody is doing anything. You may know some of these children. Their eyes give you a picture of the despair in their souls. In their eyes you see the lifelessness of those who have seen too much and felt too much to go on.

How Do we Operate?

Wings For Children has never accepted a fee of any kind. It is funded personally by its Founder and through private donations.

We also have a valuable network of people that care about these children and who are willing to give time, attention and hard work on their behalf. Their dedication comes from the outrage they feel for the plight of abused abandoned, neglected and missing children.

When a call for help comes in, we report it to the proper authorities and follow up to be sure the report is being investigated. We also propose legislation on behalf of these children. At times we support existing legislation, sometimes we oppose it. It is important that the system work ‘for’ children and not ‘against’ them. Too often we must beg or threaten on behalf of these children. We need your help!