2011 – A Good Year

We are proud to say that 2011 was a good year to help children.  We are glad we were there.  The calls came in, at a steady clip.  Some we were able to point them in the right direction for assistance with phone numbers and details of what to expect. Others were more serious.


We continue to get referrals from schools about families in trouble and homeless.  In response, we continued to house families with children.  For those that don’t know how we handled that; our Founder and President made several mobile homes available for families with children.

Located in the Socastee area, the mobile homes were sparse and partially furnished.  Two bedrooms, one bath.  These mobile homes were provided for $1 per month for up to three months.  After that, if the families continued to live there, they would have to pay rent; on a sliding scale.  The families were responsible for turning on the power and water.

Financial Aid

Although we do not offer financial aid of any sort, we did loan gas money to a father from Florida that was able to come to S C to pick up his children.  What we did not loan as Wings for Children, our Founder supplied a tank of gas and some other expense money to the family.

Child Abuse and Neglect

The number of calls we received was up over 2010; and the circumstances more severe.  Some we offered referrals and resources; others we reported directly to the appropriate agencies.  We do our best to follow up to see that reports are properly investigated and children are helped.

Missing Children

The incidents remain about the same as 2010.  However, some of the children are still missing. As an update on Brittanee Drexel that disappeared in Myrtle Beach, we are still hopeful that Brittanee will be found.

Karole Jensen, our Founder, and her husband Fayrell Furr furnished housing for many months for Brittanee’s family; and continue to offer support to them while they hope for Brittanee’s return to them.

If your child is missing, immediately contact your local law enforcement and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

1-800-843-5678 for Amber Alerts and other resources.


In addition, you can contact Wings for Children for information and support.

1-800-868-9464 (wing) or 843-448-9294.


Foster Care

Every child in foster care deserves to have a safe and permanent home as quickly as possible.

Sadly, some foster children linger in the system facing multiple placements and schools.

Other Info:

Child Safety – Did you know that more than 130 children die from falls, each year? And, more than 2,500,000 are treated for injuries in an emergency room?